Who is this Non-Unicorn?

So if I’m going to all this trouble to make it clear, hey, I’m not a unicorn – who exactly am I then?

Pretty simple. I’m Michelle. Plain ole Michelle.

There are some other tidbits of course. I’m a 42 year old, queer, non-binary, solo parent of 2 kids, and have been somewhere along the non-monogamy spectrum for the better part of a decade. Currently content to identify as a relationship anarchist. Meaning I have relationships of all different configurations from comets, queer platonic loves, romantic/sexual, etc.

Regardless of how I connect to people, I appreciate and value people in my life for who they are.

I’m excited to kick off this blog and subseqent podcast to bring to the surface insight, experiences, stories, advice that I have built thus far along this journey.

Thank you for dropping by!

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