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a former anti-vaxxer’s guide to reaching vaccine hesitant folks

When people imagine the types of people that would be hesitant or outright against vaccinations in general, they seem to have a picture in mind.   Usually they picture a mom, a “Karen” if you will, who is all about the non-GMO, organic, no… Continue Reading “a former anti-vaxxer’s guide to reaching vaccine hesitant folks”

Just Visiting

As someone who is known to fiercely proclaim the idea of autonomy, non-entanglement, and organic relationship building, this is going to be a confession that is hard to admit to. I contemplated if I should even make this post. I feared: Would my partners… Continue Reading “Just Visiting”

Gift of Letting Go

This past weekend,  I went to see the acclaimed movie “A Marriage Story”, which , was quoted from cast member Adam Driver as a “Love Story About Divorce”. A few weeks after my own divorce finalized, I suspected that I was in for a… Continue Reading “Gift of Letting Go”

I’m Not Easy to Love

This is a public service announcement to those whom I have yet to open my heart to, let my guard down, and get all gushy with. Ready for it??? I’m not easy to love. Nope. Not at all. You have been forewarned. Run away… Continue Reading “I’m Not Easy to Love”

Stay Tuned – Blog and Podcast in the Works!

My podcast is coming September 2019 but I’m also getting the blog, YouTube channel and everything in the works now. Keep coming by to see the changes as they happen over the next few weeks 🙂 Good company in a journey makes the way… Continue Reading “Stay Tuned – Blog and Podcast in the Works!”